Telecoms companies in off-grid energy
with Naomi Kioi
Greenlight Planet)

In this episode, we speak with Naomi Kioi from Greenlight Planet.

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Show notes and related resources

Greenlight Planet: company website

Podcast Summary

We discuss:

  • The growing influence of telecoms companies in off-grid energy

  • How energy access companies are partnering with telecoms companies to expand their customer reach

  • Greenlight Planet's goals and how to market solar energy to off-grid customers

Show notes:

  • (1:30) Introduction to Greenlight Planet and their focus on SDG 7; their vertically integrated business with manufacturing and distribution

  • (4:00) Intro to the role of telecoms in the energy access sector: focus on hard to reach areas where telcos have a physical presence; leveraging the data that telco markets have on customer information

  • (7:30) Greenlight Planet's partnerships with telcos - how they work

  • (11:00) Use of telco data to provide customer financing and alternative payment solutions

  • (13:50) The opportunity of energy access to help telcos diversify their revenue base and customer services

  • (23:00) The goals of Greenlight Planet and plans for the coming years

  • (27:00) The impact of COVID-19 on off-grid energy - increase of digital and mobile payments; more pre-purchase of energy

  • (30:00) Naomi's background and her work in Greenlight Planet - how to market solar to customers

  • (38:00) Partnerships as the way to accelerate the deployment of solar in off-grid energy